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Caw commented about Times Theatre on May 31, 2011 at 1:54 pm

In response to the last post about what is happening with the building…..The Times Theater was purchased a few years ago by a local investment group heavily involved with the revitalization efforts of downtown Rockford. Let me repeat, DOWNTOWN ROCKFORD, NOT I-90 ROCKFORD!

While the group is a for-profit organization, of greater importance than turning a profit is making downtown a safe, viable entertainment destination for not only Rockford, but Winnebago County and the surrounding areas as well.

How is this going to happen? That is the $64,000 question that is being worked on at the moment. The owners are concerned and deadicated businessmen, not renovators, and realize the need to collaborate with experts in this arena as well as area stakeholders.

After completion of due diligence, the owners will decide on a course of action best suited to activate the theater. These options range from establishing a public/private partnership, establishing a for-profit investment group to activate the theater, or selling the theater to a like-minded individual or group better suited to maximize the value of the theater for the community.

Thank you to everyone with a concerned interest on what becomes of the Times.