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CGleason commented about Ritz Theatre on Oct 16, 2010 at 2:44 pm

I was born in Picayune, and as a child in the 1960’s this was one of the theatres in town where us kids would head for by bike or on foot on a Saturday afternoon.
The other theatre was called the Pic. The theatres were located one on each side of the tracks. They were owned by the same family, the husband and wife ran them. I remember the man was a big man and everyone called him “Mr. Fats”.
I recall the price of a ticket was 25 cents under age 12. Over 12 was 50 cents. I remember “Mrs. Fats” busted me for the additional quarter within days of my 12th birthday, I admit I was trying to get by. It was simply amazing how they knew when every kid turned 12
One summer ticket books were sold to see several Disney movies, one movie per week. I recall my mom saying the ticket books were kinda pricey, but she broke down, and when we got them we were thrilled. We could hardly wait for the day of a Disney film, and afterwards talked about the movie over and over. It is a wonderful memory. Thanks for asking.