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CherylHouck commented about Joy Theater on Nov 18, 2004 at 1:56 pm

Joy Houck Sr. was my Grandfather. He died in 2000 2 days before his 100th birthday. He was survived by my Grandmother Hazel who still resides in Texarkana. At one time she was not only a manager of his theaters but was his pilot as well.

He was also a pilot and met my Grandmother when he taxied up to the hanger at the airport where, at the time, my Grandmother was managing. He said it was love at first site. She really was a knock out.

Every weekend my Grandfather, or “Uncle Joy” as he insisted on being called, would pick me in Shreveport after flying in from New Orleans, then drive us to Texarkana where I would spend the weekend, and then I would hitch a ride with him back to Shreveport on Sunday where he would catch a flight back to New Orleans.

My Grandfather and I had a ritual whereby we would bet on how many oil wells would be pumping in the feilds between Texarkana and Shreveport. He would always let me win and give me a 20.00 bill as my cash prize.

I have just now learned through your bulletin board of Jennie Holte’s passing. First let me offer my sincere condolences to her family. She was a very special and fun lady and one of two who could handle my Grandfather who could be feisty. Ok, make that three, I forgot to include myself!

Anway, he would drop me off at “Joy’s Cinema City” where Mrs Holt was manager and she would declare to the concession help firm orders to “let Cheryl have anything she wants”. I would then gorge myself on popcorn anc candy and wander from movie to movie.

I also sometimes spent the night with Mrs Holte so I could play with her daughter who close to me in age. She will be missed.

Anyway, I might share more about my Grandfather some time if there is any interest, but for now I like to add to one of the above comments that while my Grandfather could be soft spoken, he was by no definition of the word, a “quiet man”. He was affectionately what he would have called me when I was a girl, a “doodle.”

All the best

Cheryl Houck