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Cindycrawford commented about Rockne Theatre on Sep 13, 2012 at 1:27 pm

The candy store I spoke of was on Division near Waller road not Wheeler

Cindycrawford commented about Rockne Theatre on Sep 13, 2012 at 1:24 pm

I lived just down the street from the Rockne at 1242 N. Waller avenue from 1963-1967. I was 6 when we moved there from Wash.D.C. but back in those days mothers kicked the kids out and said,“ come back before the street lights come on”. I spent many a weekend waiting to get in this grand old theater.With the balcony and velvet curtains. there were these little romeo balconies along the walls that had big urns in them, which were lit up. Very awesome to a small child. I saw the Dave Clark 5, live as they premiered their movie.The line went around the building. Eventually I got in but had to crawl on the floor and under seats in order to get to the front so I could see the stage.All the teenagers were standing and yelling. I also saw some other actress Connie Stevens? premiering a horror movie. I believe Vincent Price was in it. Those were the good old days when you got cartoons before the movie. Heck I think there may have even been news reels! there wasn’t a whole lot on T.V. back then. Most times you’d see a movie once and never see it again.Reruns? Not a chance! no such thing. Me and Patty Olson would pull our wagon around the neighborhood collecting bottles. Then hit the candy store on the corner of Wheeler road. OMG! an honest to god candy store where you could get 3 pieces of candy for a penny!Everything laid out on parchment paper or in glass jars!does anyone remember the name of the store? But the Rockne was one of my favorite memories of Chicago. I remember everything about my time there. The Royal Airs drum and bugle corps who my father taught when he wasn’t running Sounds and Songs further up Division st. The great Blizzard that buried cars. Saint Angela’s Young elementary school which catered to children with special needs. Being able to go into a strangers homes during Halloween, for the little parties they held. OMG! How about the candy factory up the road that always smelled like Bazooka bubble gum? Those were the days my friend.