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CineAmerica commented about It's Official: Regal to go all 4k by Sony on Jun 16, 2009 at 10:31 pm

DCI 2K max bit rate = 250Mb/s
DCI 4K max bit rate = 250Mb/s

So with 4K you have 4 times the resolution compressed to a bit
rate the same as 2K. So roughly 62.5Mb/s pre 2K quadrant, ie there
goes you image quality out the window……….

Next do some reading on the maximum resolution the eye can perceive
concerning moving images and you will find it is close to 2K.
DCI 4K is all hype and those that say it is better than 2K have never done a back to back comparison.

Support cinema chains that support American manufacturers. Christie,
Dolby and Doremi. The image quality is better and you support fellow
Americans jobs.

CineAmerica commented about Plan for Regal, AMC, Cinemark to go all digital on Jun 16, 2009 at 10:17 pm

4K is all hype and not much substance under DCI. AMC are going
4K because they are concerned about peoples perception rather than
image quality. 2K at 250Mb/s is way better than 4K at the same bit rate.
DCI specifies a maximum 250Mb/s for both, so with 4K you have 4
times the image with the same bit rate or you have each quadrant with 4 times the
2K compressions or 62.5Mb/s.

Also, do some searching on the maximum resolution that the human
eye can take in details from concerning moving image and you will
further find 4K is a waste of time ( that is if in fact it was at 500Mb/s
or higher needed to compete with 2K ).

American companies like Doremi, Dolby and Christie are making the
best digital cinema products in the world. Why support cinema chains that buy
overseas products that provide inferior images…………