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Cynthia1250 commented about Paramount Theatre on Aug 8, 2004 at 11:59 am

I have two photographs of my father, William Thompson, directing traffic on the corner in front of the Paramount Theatre. He joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 1948. This photo is from 1949 as the movie “Tokoyo Joe” (with Humphrey Bogart) is on the marquee and the preview was to be at 8:30 that night. One of the photos shows incredible detail in artchitecture, store fronts, street lights, period clothing and hairstyles of pedestrians, automobiles. This particular photo shows both of the marquees at it is taken directly on the corner. I do not know who the photographer was or why they were taken. My father is no longer alive and I cannot ask him. The detailed photo is really a large negative. I need to have it developed. The other is a print. If I can find a place that can develope the negative, would you be interested in posting it on the website? It would honor my father and the bustling life the Paramount once knew. I am a member of the National Trust and an avid historic preservationist and I am appalled that this theatre was torn down. You can reach me at

Cynthia Thompson