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  • <p>The Alhambra photographed in around 1960. At that time it was situated at the heart of a built up area of houses and shops, all long since demolished, along with the Alhambra.</p>
  • <p>Broadway, Meir, Stoke on Trent, weekday programmes for March, 1958.</p>
  • <p>Two pages from the Plaza programme booklet for August, 1963.</p>
  • <p>September 2003.</p>
  • <p>Me, aged 16, standing beside number one machine showing “The Vikings” on Thursday, July 25th, 1963. The photo was taken by chief operator Arthur Shea (1928 – 2010) using my Ilford Sprite 127 camera. It had no flash attachment, so we struck up the carbon arc on number two machine on twenty amps and opened the side door of the arc, which flooded the projection  room with enough light to take the picture by. The full forty amps would have been far too bright. Primitive times indeed.</p>
  • <p>Plaza, Fenton, projection room, Friday, August 20th, 1971, showing number one machine. This photo, as with the previous one, was taken with my Ilford Sprite 127 camera, this time in colour and, as it had no flash attachment, once more I struck up the carbon arc on number two machine and opened the arc door to provide enough light to take the photo by. The machines were Kalee 8’s and the arcs were made by LumArc. In January, 1972, these were replaced by Peerless Magnarcs and the mechanisms were replaced by Kalee 12’s in May, 1972. The film in the spool in the top spool box is the four minute CinemaScope trailer for “Oliver!”</p>
  • <p>Manager Benny Norcott (1915 – 1985) standing beside number one machine in the Plaza, Fenton, Projection room in March, 1979.Photographed with an expensive 35mm camera for a change and it shows. It should have been taken in colour, though.</p>