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DEBRADAWSON commented about Capitol Theatre on Nov 19, 2009 at 5:52 am

Hi there, I remember the Capitol theatre very well, my parents owned Moccas Snack Bar 69 to 79 and the Capitol was next door. The seating on the ground floor in the Capitol was hessian sling type seating except for the very back row which was the flip down seats. Upstairs in the lounge there were also the more so called comfortable seating!! Many many years (like 40 or 50) before I ever went there they use to have a piano up on or near the stage(screen) and some one used to play the music on the piano, silent movies I spose. I remember in 1975 JAWS was playing there for weeks I think it was about 6-7 weeks every night. There were many more box office movies but that one I remember very well, still cant get that music out of my head. They also used to have matinees there on Saturdays and also the school holidays, this was up untill the early or mid 70s. When Elvis died they played Elvis movies there for days maybe weeks.It was the best theatre and Mr Gerald Conaghan owned the theatre, such a shame the atmosphere has gone from Cooli now. The Regal theatre just down the steet had the flip down seating, I never went upstair so I cant tell you what was up there.The foyer was huge. Locals and holiday makers would go to the movies then after the movie they would go to the CLIMAX DISCOTEQUE which was on the other side of MOCCAS which is what I think RJS can remember, Aussie and International singers and bands, years later turned into the JET CLUB after being a POOL HALL called Pleasure Centre which opened in August 71. I think it was THE BEST ERA. Deb