Photos favorited by Bruce C.

  • <p>July 2014.</p>
  • <p>On the right hand side is the marque for the Dreamland Theater in Rockford. It was located in the 100 block of West State Street on the south side of the street.</p>
  • <p>Back when the Belmont turned into a Bowling alley but still had its distinctive marquee.</p>
  • <p>Only known photo of the Crystal Theater taken in 1951.
              Submitted by Jim Curtis.</p>
  • <p>Glad I took a shot of this one-time pride of Division Street while passing through the old neighborhood in 1989. As you can see, the decorative terracotta arch had collapsed, and likely was resting on top of the marquee.</p>
              <p>The steel frame anchor for a huge vertical neon sign is seen behind the arch, but the sign itself likely was removed before or during World War II. My memories of the Biltmore start around 1948, and the sign was gone by then.</p>
  • <p>looks like late 1930s</p>
  • <p>Empire and Liberty Theatres in 1993. Scanned image of an old fading 35mm photo.</p>
  • <p>1987 photo</p>