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DriveInGirl commented about 5 Drive-In on Oct 22, 2004 at 3:51 am

I didn’t think that story was true, I was speaking with Brian Allen, the owner and he told me it was just a story. When I was at 5 a few months ago one of the employees was talking to me about it and they didn’t think it was true either.
5 is a wonderful drive-in, I hope to get there this week end. The owner cares a lot for it and it shows in the way the 5 is kept. I hope to make it there this weekend. I miss it because I have not been for at least 3 weeks. Take care!

DriveInGirl commented about Odeon Drive-In on Jun 10, 2004 at 3:52 am

The petition reached 11,000 signatures and now Cineplex Galaxy has agreed to keep the Odeon open for atleast one more season. We now need to work together to make this season a successful one. Get out there as many times as you can and support this drive-in. Don’t sneak food in, spend a reasonable amount at the snack bar even if it’s just a drink and dont hode people in the trunk. It’s a beautiful drive-in with an amazing screen and it’s Winnipeg’s last. The un-official Odeon Drive-in site is now online at The site offers updates and events for the drive-in, a forum where visitors can discuss their ideas for the drive-in, feedback on the site and more. It also has drive-in facts, movie listings, and eventually a movie pole. I hope this will really help the Odeon Drive-in stay open for a long time

Gaelyn A.K.A “Drive-in GiRL”

DriveInGirl commented about Studio Drive-In on Jun 3, 2004 at 10:10 pm

Something about this drive-in really got to me. Though I had never been there it just really broke my heart they tore it down. I saw it in the movie Jawbreaker and the scene was extremely sad. the sun is setting but the lot is empty and no one is coming for the show. The movie was made several years after the Studio closed in 93 and it looked like it was in great shape and could have easily been restored. Ofcourse, being owned by that greedy Pacific Theatre crap, it’s no wonder it got closed down. It was also in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure and in this drive-in scene the Studio is alive and doing well and I wish it was still around. I think there could have been hope for this drive-in it had a beautiful screen and the most amazing marquee. Though I’ve never been to Studio I feel like Im missing out on something wonderful and that hurts a lot. I wish i could have some pictures of it. If anyone reading this, most likely Daria or anyone else with pictures, can you please please send them to ? Thank you so much. RIP Studio,

Gaelyn A.K.A “Drive-in GiRL"

DriveInGirl commented about Skyway Drive-In on Jun 2, 2004 at 1:07 am

Hey Allan,
I would love to see pictures of this drive-in, I have heard so much about it. If you still have them and you receive this message could you please e-mail them to ? Also, do you know if it was located close to the Starlite? Being owned by Famous Players it’s no wonder it closed down,

Gaelyn AKA “Drive-in GiRL”

DriveInGirl commented about Stardust Drive-In on May 27, 2004 at 1:53 pm

It looks like Cinema Treasures didn’t record the websites I put for the North York. It’s official website is There is also a page I made for it on my site at You can also see it on at . The North York Drive-in is a beautiful drive-in, I have not been here yet but cannot wait to visit it. Screen 2 looks identical to screen 2 from the 400 Drive-in. I have some pictures a friend took of it for me. I will post it whenever the site has their add-a-photo up and running.

Gaelyn A.K.A “Drive-in GiRL”

DriveInGirl commented about 400 Drive-In on May 27, 2004 at 3:01 am

Like the 7&27, this was my other favourite drive-in and pride and joy. I discovered this drive-in a few years after the 7&27.
It is now the site for the 18-screen, and one IMAX Famous Players Colossus. I swear, no matter how hard you try you could never, in a thousand years recognize that area where three screens once flickered under the stars. Now, instead you find a multiplex, a Costco and a gigantic box mall plaza. I was also told it was destroyed to make way for the new 407 ETR.
400 was located only 15 minutes up Highway 7 from the 7&27. The 400 was surrounded by more urban area than the 7&27 and the light pollution was probably only going to hurt it even more in the future. It’s layout was a lot like that of the North York Drive-in in Sharon, Ontario with the three screens surrounding the massive snack bar in the center. Each screen had it’s own unique appearance. Neither was like the other. It’s snack bar was really big and posessed that same unique aroma as the 7&27.
I hated myself for never getting pictures of either drive-in and I want to thank Doug Gordon for sending me the pictures of both of them, it meant so much to me! These two drive-ins meant the entire world to me and they have been, and still are terribly missed.
R.I.P 7&27 and 400, their always in my heart!

DriveInGirl commented about 7 & 27 Drive-In on May 27, 2004 at 2:46 am

The 7&27 Drive-in was everything to me since age 7 and then THEY took it away. It was the very first drive-in I ever went to and it broke my heart when Famous Players desided to give up on it Labour Day of ‘1997.
It had 2 screens, one which was so big you could see it from as far away as Highway 50. I remember driving up to it for the first time that one unforgettable night when I was 7 and just gasping at the size of that beautiful screen that towered over a great parking lot. I was amazed by the concession building and that captivating aroma that was nothing like that of an indoor. I couldn’t believe the size of the two projectors I spotted in the room with the door slightly open. Everything completely blew me away. I was only 7 and already I had found my pride and joy and favourite place in the entire world.
For years after I returned to the 7&27 my eyes glowing more and more everytime. It always remained my favourite place in the world, along with the 400 Drive-in which was only about 15 minutes up highway 7 from the 7&27. Both drive-ins became my whole life.
Ofcourse, beeing owned by a greedy corporate dinosaur, they could not last and I received the heart-breaking news only a week before Labour Day that I would only have one more chance to visit the 7&27 drive-in. That last night there was the hardest day of my life, but the most difficult thing in the world to do was to drive away after the double feature watching it disapear as we drew farther apart.
Both 400 and 7&27 were closed down on Labour Day along with a handful of drive-ins Famous Players owned including the Sunset in Brantford, Ontario. This was to make way for Famous Players’ multi billion dollar expansion of multiplexes. I discovered the 7&27 and 400 were completely gone on Thanksgiving ‘1998. This killed me and after I had been told not long before they would re open in a few years. Basically, I had lost the two things that meant everything to me and Im sure most people know how that feels.

DriveInGirl commented about 5 Drive-In on May 27, 2004 at 2:27 am

This is a follow-up on my previous message. I have completed my page for the 5 Drive-in offering lots of pictures of the beautiful place I took myself. My website address is The 5 and Starlite in Stoney Creek are my favourite drive-ins in the entire world. There is nothing I love more!
Premier made numorous changes to the 5 including transforming the concession building by the Starlite screen (screen 1) into a 50’s Diner offering classic malts and sodas. The Cosmic screen (screen 3) was added around the same time.
I recently took a bus up to the 5 during the day before the show to visit because I missed it so much. No one will take me and I don’t drive so I gotta find my own way there sometimes, even if it means just spending an hour or so there.

I don’t think I ever heard the story of the projectionist hanging himself in the screen tower, but I love everything about this drive-in and would like to know more details if you know.

5 is now open for the season and has been since march 5. It is now open 7 days a week with half-price Tuesdays and Carload Thursdays so pack up your car and drive on down to the 5. Don’t forget to spend lots of money at the snack bar!

Gaelyn A.K.A “Drive-in GiRL”

DriveInGirl commented about Starlite Drive-In on May 26, 2004 at 8:09 pm

This is another one of my favorite drive-ins. The Starlite is a really beautiful drive-in, it has one 82-foot, Cinemascope screen. The snack bar is one of the best in Ontario with an amazing assortment of delicious snacks in the “Snackateria.” The new Starlite Diner is now open for business and is located right by the entrance of the theatre.
I last went to Starlite on Easter week end for their dusk to dawn show of 4 movies. It was so great being at the drive-in until 4:30 in the morning! I wish i could do that again!
I believe when Starlite opened it had a different name. has the name “Scenic” but I am not sure. It is also not the original screen tower, the original was much smaller.
On another awesome note, Starlite is in a music video! The song is by a group called Shaye and is called “Happy Baby”. The entire video takes place at the beautiful Starlite and you see tons of shots of the screen, the really big snack bar inside and out and the box office. I completely freaked out when I saw this video for the first time and couldn’t believe it! When asking Steve (Guy leasing Starlite) why Shaye wanted to have their video there, he said because the producer wanted a nostalgic drive-in scene. I think it’s so amazing something I love more than anything got to be recognised by many! Way to go Starlite!

Gaelyn A.K.A “Drive-in GiRL”

DriveInGirl commented about 5 Drive-In on Nov 11, 2003 at 2:48 am

This is the most amazing place in the entire world. I am someone that loves drive-ins more than anything in the world and the 5 is my favorite operating drive-in. I’ve taken pictures of it and am currently working on a website about drive-ins which will include a page for 5. This place means the whole world to me and I admire the people who own it because they have done so well with and it and have renovated it so it can survive and this proves they really care for they’re drive-ins. God Bless Drive-ins!!

—– Gaelyn A.K.A “Drive-in GiRL*”