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DrSpaceman commented about 104th Street Drive-In on Jul 16, 2009 at 7:55 am

I saw “Dr Jekyle & Ms. Hyde and Batman Forever here, I think in 1995. There were multiple screens.

The lot is now used for storing the local carnival’s trailers. Also I think that large metal storage buildings have been put on the property.

DrSpaceman commented about Oregon Theatre on Jul 16, 2009 at 7:01 am

I went in to see if this was a real theater, since I didn’t believe that such a unassuming building could house one. The nice (if a bit too nice) employee let me look around.

In the lobby they have shelves aginst the walls full of DVD porn. At the concessions you can buy condoms, sheets, or ice cream.

It still has one large screen. Most of the seats have been removed and replaced with a variety of thrift store sofas and love seats. They were playing lame porn, no plot at all. There was maybe 2 people there (but it was around 12am).

From what I saw this theater could still be brought back. It’s small and cozy and would be a great adittion to that area. I even like the couch idea, but maybe with NEW couches.

DrSpaceman commented about Alhambra Theater on Jul 16, 2009 at 6:44 am

I worked an event there recently that involved DVD cues. It appears that where the booth was is where their kitchen now is. There is no film projector but one of the ones that can be connected to a DVD/VHS player and only one of the projection windows are not covered up. They have DVD & VHS players stacked in the office about 20 feet from the window so you have to put in your DVD then run over to the window to see if it’s playing correctly.

For the screens, I think that there is an smallish one in the “sideshow” lounge. I was working a show in the main room they have a small square screen to the left of the stage which can’t really be sceen but the audience. We used a pop up, slide show style screen. It was small but at least people could see it!

Also, I think that the booth that I was in was not the original but was for the two screen version of the theater. My mom went to the theater as a child in the 50s-60s and she said that the stairs that lead to the booth/kitchen area were the balcony stairs which makes sense because there is an identical set across the hall from them which currently lead to an office.