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Dukecati commented about Olden Theater on Sep 20, 2007 at 7:57 am

We had family friends who lived across the street from the Olden Theatre on Walnut and Olden (NE corner). They lived above their business (Demore’s Hobby Shop) and opened a slot car track business above the bowling alley in about 1964-’65 (the bowling alley used pin boys to reset the pins) next to the theatre. My mother, who was born in 1919, frequented the theatre in her youth when it was the Gaiety. I saw many movies at the Olden over the years,and of course Maruca’s wonderful tomato pies was another draw for the businesses there. I moved to California in 1965 and visited Trenton in ’68 and went to the Greenwood down the block to see The Graduate. That was the last movie I ever went to in Trenton. When I go back there today, it’s sad to see what has happened in the area.