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er1977 commented about Ridgewood Theater to close? on Jul 14, 2006 at 9:10 pm

THere is a strong reason to be scared. I go to this theatre and I actually read the article. The problem isn’t the people not going to the movies in there neighborhood- it’s that the industry will place movies in locations where they will bring in the most money- a multi-plex might be perceived as a safer bet if I was Universal and seeking venues for my summer blockbuster. This theatre is not a draw for people outside this neighborhood. It’s beauty lies in its location and the relative isolation of this neighborhood. The way that apartments and food are cheaper here- it’s the same with movies. THe solution in the article is for RIdgewood to carve it’s own niche and show hard to find foreign or art films. That’s an interesting idea- but not one I think should ever be seriously entertained. This theatre is a hang-out. Yeah, it’s dirty, it’s scary and kids smoke pot in the back row… Fix that. Make it a positive hang-out as apposed to a hide-out. The local economy can sustain it if it’s a place that is worthy of sustaining. And advertise. Please advertise. Give free popcorn night- advertise your before 3 p.m. $5 ticket deal. Make people aware of what you offer. Involve the community. Nobody wants to travel when a convenience is right here. Tell the Ridgewood/Bushwick community what is at stake. Ask for volunteers to help a clean-up. All the theatre needs is a good scrubbing and up-to-date exit lighting so you can actually turn out the lights during the movie (which is the most annoying thing about the theatre when you are watching a horror film). Advertise that you will have ushers remove annoying kid gangs that make everyone else uncomfortable. Make deals with local schools- it’s NY history and could use a tour. Don’t die quietly.