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EricIsaias commented about Golden Gate Theatre on Nov 15, 2004 at 11:07 am

I too remember the Golden state Theater, along with the Boulevard theater and the Alameda theater. I am 29 years old and remember going with my friends at at age 10 to watch the goonies. I also remember going with my parents and I sure got a kick, when the cartoons would come on. I also rember how looking for parking was tough. I remember the balcony was closed off but my friends and I would sneak up. Does any one remember Pupn Taco on the corner of Goodrich and Whittier Blvd? it is now a Taco Bell.

I hope they restore the building. A few weeks ago a drove by and saw security guards and thought oh no its demolition time, so I stopped and asked they said no they were not there to tear it down,they were there to film a movie scene.

Boy it would be great to see the Golden State restored! I bet it can be a major attraction if restored right and used appropriately maybe for movie premier. lets role out the red carpet once more. Does any one know who I can write to for information concerning the Golden State Theater.