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filmo4 commented about Bedford Theater on Jul 18, 2010 at 3:53 am

The Bedford Theater opened around 1922, was demolished in 1966 and was used for storing cars at the end. The theater and the Stillwell Theater also in Bedford were owned by Mrs. Yoerns-Stillwell
At the end the theater was owned by the Schultz’s who also owned the states rights distributor Allied Artists. They did try and keep the house open.
I will post a picture when the feature is reactivated.

filmo4 commented about Tele-Arts Theater on Sep 7, 2004 at 6:15 pm

I was one of the projectionist at the Telenews when the ownership changed to Nicholas George Theaters. There was still crude editing equipment in a side room. Shortly after the Grorges’s took over the manager (who had been there for years) came into the booth with two scrap books filled with pictures of the theaters glory days during WWII. Due to my interest in motion picture history he wanted me to have them rather than the Georges. It was filled with stars visiting the theater. Some time later Sandy George asked me for the books back. I did keep many of the prime photos.
Years later AMC before it turned into (AlwaysMoreCommercials)was doing a special on Michigan movie making. That was the last see of them.But not all of them.
The George’s decided to refirbish the theater. One projector badly need parts, one side was always out of focus. The reply, the customers can’t see the projector!