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fionaferguson commented about Hunterdon Theatre on Oct 11, 2009 at 5:02 pm

Dear Mr. Van Lieu,

Thank you so very much for posting the old photos of the Hunterdon Theatre. As a kid growing up in Flemington, none of us thought to snap a photo of our favorite theatre because we “knew” it would be there forever. I was very sad at the thought of never seeing her again and your photos brought a smile (and a tear) to my face once again.

fionaferguson commented about Hunterdon Theatre on Apr 13, 2009 at 2:14 pm

I grew up in Flemington and have many fond memories of the Hunterdon Theatre. Standing in the long wrap around lines that flanked the one movie per month theatre was a family favorite. I remember waiting with excitement at the prospect of seeing “Jaws” with my parents. My friends and I sank into the red velvet seats while we watched “Rocky” for the 10th time. Many dates were spent up in the balcony with the rocker seats – oh what a grand lady she was. I’m sorry to read here that the velvet curtain has closed for the last time on a wonderful piece of Flemington history and that the memories held within those bricks were bulldozed for a Walgreens. That sort of news makes me sick and glad that I now live in a small Maine town, quite reminescent of Flemington in her younger days, with one difference, my current town has a true Historical Society that cares about the history of it’s town. Goodbye Hunterdon – thanks for being a part of my life.