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flimbuff commented about Majestic Theatre on Sep 30, 2004 at 4:44 pm

Great older theatre: inlaid tile entrance, free-standing ticket booth, thick-carpeted lobby, long velvet drapes and a dark, hidden balcony. I remember seeing two films there: Apocolypse Now and Earthquake with Charlton Heston. Earthquake featured some Hollywood gimmickry called
“sens-a-round”, in which large motors were placed in the rear of the auditorium that shook the building during the tremor scenes in the film. This was a little too realistic as it caused structural damage to the building which ultimately led to its closure. No one stepped up to have the old theatre renovated, so it sat for years until finally becoming condemned by the city governement. Eventually it was demolished and a small city park sits in its place. Unfortunately with its passing, so went all the beautiful old theatres in Johnson City.