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frank098 commented about Cinema L'Amour on Jul 28, 2004 at 11:31 pm

I have attended this theater on a few occassions and must admit it is a great establishment.
It’s great to have a place where you can go in, relax and relieve a little tension.
The price of admission is decent at 8$, However for nearly the same price you can buy a previously viewed film of the same rating at super club videotrons around the city.
It’s location is easily accessable, but located on a very busy street of montreal, wso hen your going to enter the place anyone on the street see’s exactly what your going into, and more often than not may let off a sniker.
The seating is confortable and arranged nicely.
My main complaint would be the fact that some other people in the theater can become annoying, What i mean by this is often many individuals are walking around checking the place out, although they are doing it on the side aisles and dont disrupt your view they do become annoying at times. Plus often they will be scoping out a place to sit and may end up disturbing you while in mid enjoyment, For example once i was there, and the theater was certainly not packed, perhaps 100 people there, I was alone in a row, and the row in front of me and back of me was empty at the time, instead this person decides to come and sit beside me, which disturbed me and caused me to move to establish a comfort zone, sometimes they sit right behind you as well, I know i sound picky however it often seems intentional since there is so many other empty seats to choose from.
I would certainly reccommend the theater to anyone, especially those who may be shy to go and buy or rent porn. Or those who have just turned 18 and would like to check out a X rated establishment.
The city may have many strip clubs, but more often than not your cover charge is 8$ and then you’ll have to buy a overpriced drink, and possibly not even touch the girls, so going to this theater would be much more enjoyable and money smart.