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Favorite movies: I apologize for this very incomplete list. One day soon I plan on doing some gardening. Taking away the ill or weak and adding some genuine genius new films. --Our Idiot Brother --Fright Night --Captain America --Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows --Horrible Bosses --Transformers 3 --Super 8 --Xmen First Class --The Hangover: Part II --Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides --PIRANHA 3D --Priest --Thor --Fast Five --Dylan Dog: Dead of Night --Hanna --Source Code --Insidious --Sucker Punch --Limitless --Battle: Los Angeles --The Adjustment Bureau --Drive Angry --The Tourist --Unknown --I Am Number Four --The Mechanic --The Company Men --Green Hornet --Season of the Witch --Hugo --Attack The Block --Rango --Rise of the Planet of the Apes --Happythankyoumoreplease --Unstoppable --Paul --Goodfellas --Source Code --Chronicle --Garden State --Valkyrie --Stargate --In Bruges --Crank --Blindness --Monty Python's The Meaning of Life --African Queen --King Kong --Kill Bill: Volume 2 --A Beautiful Mind --Robocop --Minority Report --Man on Fire --Monster's Ball --Bourne movies --Watchmen --Classic Horror and Sci-Fi --Zoolander --A Christmas Story --Transformers --Airplane --Don't Be Afraid of the Dark --Captain America - First Avenger --Captain Jack Sparrow --Robot Jox --Salt --Almost Famous --Sucker Punch --How to Train Your Dragon --Master And Commander --The Aviator --Taken --We're in Love --Ferris Bueller's Day Off --American Beauty --The Nightmare Before Christmas --The Green Mile --You Know How It Is --Moulin Rouge --I Am Number Four --True Grit --Machette --Daybreakers --Devil --Green Zone --The American --Legion --Hot Tub Time Machine --Get Him to the Greek --The Sorcerer's Apprentice --The A-Team --Tron Legacy --Despicable Me --Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows --Inception --The Social Network --Date Night --The Expendables --Shutter Island --Clash of the Titans --The Man with Two Brains --Manhunter --Mother --Monsters vs. Aliens --Jaws --Batman: The Dark Knight --Avatar --Mars Attacks --Monster House --Mom and Dad Save the World --Modern Romance --Mister Roberts --The Mist --Mission Impossible 3 --Misery --The Miracle of Morgan's Creek --The Miracle Worker --Mighty Joe Young --Midnight Express --The Mexican --Metropolis --Memento --The Mechanic --Mean Girls --Marty --Marathon Man --The Manchurian Candidate --The Maltese Falcon --Magnum Force --Mafia! --Mad Max 2 --MASH --Finding Nemo --Altered States --Galaxy Quest --All About Eve --Aladdin --Amadeus --Akira --Iron Man 2 --Stealth --American Pop --The Mothman Prophecies --The Adventures of Priscilla --Amazon Women on the Moon --Toy Story 3 --Be Kind Rewind --Across the Universe --The Abyss --Absolute Power --A.I. Artificial Intelligence --The Day After Tomorrow --2012 --Godzilla --Tron --Tangled --Quarantine --Close Encounters of the Third Kind --Airport --Babylon A.D. --Tropic Thunder --WALL•E --Kung Fu Panda --The Ruins --Resident Evil --Terminator 2 (T2) --Once Upon A Time in Mexico --Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa --X-Men Movies --Cloverfield --DARK STAR Hyper-Drive Edition --Iron Man --Buckaroo Banzai --John Carter --The Men who Stare at Goats --Zombieland --Funny People --The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 --Crank 2 --Crimson Tide --I Love You, Man --The International --Coraline --The Kentucky Fried Movie --Christine --Monsters, Inc. --Independence Day --Mystery Science Theater 3000 --Finding Forrester --Five Million Years to Earth --Star Trek 2009 --Inglourious Basterds --Dragonheart --Drag Me to Hell --The Hangover --Sherlock Holmes 2009 --Shawshank Redemption --The Brothers Solomon --District 9 --Beauty and the Beast --The Great Escape --A Shot in the Dark --The Incredibles --The Simpsons Movie --The Adventures of Baron Munchausen --Payback --Hellboy --Hellboy 2 --Hulk --Dark City --I am legend --Anyway --Dead Right --Terminator 1 --Terminator Salvation --Terminator 3 --Pitch Black --Near Dark --Stuck on You --What's Up, Tiger Lily? --Kung Pow! Enter the Fist --Star Wars: Any of the SixEven With Jar Jar --Sky Captain --Fail-Safe --Dr. Strangelove --Young Frankenstein --The Producers --Hair --Johnny Dangerously --Around the World Under the Sea --Dead Calm --Poltergeist --The French Connection --Toy Story --Steel Magnolias --Inherit the Wind --Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea --Cowboys & Aliens --The Professionals --Leon: The Professional

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