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Friendofthecity commented about Los Feliz 3 Cinemas on Aug 26, 2011 at 12:43 pm

This used to be a sweet, architecturally nice, vintage theater until greed and bad management caused them to make it into a most disagreeable triplex, (even that made up name is disgusting and part of the devolution of English.) Avoid it at all costs. Much better to go to the beautiful and wonderful Vista Theater with its twenty seven sphinxes, great service from the whole crew, especially the legendary Victor who dresses up like a character in each of the movies while he takes your ticket! and the AMAZINGLY low prices! Six bucks for a movie!!!!! They also have made EVERY SEAT handicapped accessible, which means there is enough room for anyone, even my six foot eight inch best friend. BTW, I do NOT work there or know anyone who does. I just love it and am so disappointed in the Los Feliz “3,” which is a perfect example of a bad decision made worse by poor planning and uninspired workmanship. They made a once fun, neighborhood cinema into a hideous mess. Also, the crew has no pride in their work and the bathrooms are dirty, which is just one of the many side effects of bad architecture- it hurts the soul! Anyone who loves beauty should shun it.