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glennmay commented about State Theatre on Jan 9, 2005 at 8:15 pm

note; freddy the ghost is still hanging out look at the picture at the top of this web page check out the top balconie and look directly center of the top rail at the center post , to the left of the post there will be freddy with his hand,s leaning on the balconie wall …. but wait there,s more , as true to any apparition image , you will also notice that freddy is in black and white and the picture is in color . ..pretty weird huh? I just wanted to share that with the movie going enthusiaist,s and ghost hunter,s alike freddy was a good guy and attend,s the theater everyday .. he,s never late because he never leave,s so remember when your sitting in this theater and feel someone sitting next to you even when nobody,s there , it can very well be the most famous son of the theater freddy