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GREGMCKEE commented about Capitol Theatre on Aug 14, 2010 at 6:23 am

Hey all…been a while since I was on this site…some really good pix of the demolition…and yes, it made my stomach churn to see that gaping hole again…I am glad to hear the marquee is being restored…I cant wait to see the results…I was concerned about its whereabouts after I went to the compound where it was and it was missing! I am glad it is in good hands…I hope Midwest is keeping lots of photos of the process. I agree with Elissa, I would love to go on a mission to see the Capitol artifacts in the Cook Bldg…I think the city is still embarassed at the brutal job of not keeping the Capitol theater alive….I still consider it to be a major loss to the city’s history. If anyone wants to chat about it email me at

GREGMCKEE commented about Capitol Theatre on Feb 20, 2006 at 2:42 pm

I was just 11 years old when the Capitol was demolished, and I actually carried a sign in protest of the demolition. What a great theatre! As Jeff pointed out there were projections of clouds on the ceiling made by a machine called a Brenograph. Entry to the theatre was on Second Ave. while the actual theatre was situated on First Ave. I remember there used to be a “stage door” on First Ave. I remember when the wrecking ball finally came they knocked a big hole in the side of the building and then demolition was halted while a group of people were allowed to take some artifacts out. I know that some of the seats are (or were when I was in high school) now in Castle Theatre (playhouse) at Aden Bowman Collegiate on Clarence Ave. After the demolition was complete I remember there was a wall still standing with some of the spanish themed plaster.It remained there for quite a while almost taunting those who loved that building. A small mall and office tower, The Scotia Center, is now on that lot, and I have to laugh as the mall has never been sucessful at keeping tennants. On a recent trip to Saskatoon I was at the local history dept. at the Main Library and I read that the Captiol’s Marquee was “being stored” in a city compound. I had to search for it. In the downtown area is the city public works compound. In one of the fenced off areas off in a corner there it was. And it was HUGE!!!! I basically trespassed and drove into the fenced area as the gate was open, and took some pictures. It has sat outside for years (maybe since 1979?) and it is weathered and the neon tubes smashed. But to me it was like finding treasure, like seeing an old friend. Hopefully I can post pix of it soon. As for the Capitol 4, I was the first paying customer through the doors of that theater, having waited all day to get in. I figured there would be a line up for the opening. I was wrong. I waited HOURS by myself for the “honor” of being first. There was no fanfare. Quite the disappointment. I think I saw Superman. I still have the full page newspaper ad somewhere in my stuff. The Capitol 4 was a let down to say the least. I hope this gives you some memories!