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grosvenor commented about Cinerama Dome Celebrates 40th Year on Jul 18, 2004 at 9:18 am

This same 70mm print played a 2 week season at the Astor Theatre, here in Melbourne recently. Apart from the “Police Calls” during the Intermission, this was the exact 161 minute version that played at Melbourne’s Cinerama Theatre (The Plaza) in 1963. Having seen edited scenes restored on the Laser Disc release, but surprisingly missing on the DVD, I too was disappointed at this supposedly “restored anniversary print”. The colour transfers were atrocious, with some reels revealing alarming colour changes. The colour in the opening credits were so dark as to be almost monochrome. What has happened to the missing scenes that were included on the Deluxe Box Set Laser Disc all those years ago?
Apart from the improved sound quality of the DTS soundtrack, I too, felt this eagerly anticipated event was a major disappointment