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HaccCowboy commented about Looking for theater to buy on Jan 7, 2008 at 9:30 am

First off the Marietta movie theatre I could give some information on being that I spent a day tracking down a kind old gentleman, whom allowed me to even enter it with him. It seems it has not been moving forward because, of your usual red tape that is involved when a large group of people try to get something down. It was a very decentlooking theatre as far as the size goes, was also one of the few very old movie theatres dating from the silent era which was made exclusively for showing silent movies. Although, today the shape of it is that you need a whole entire floor to be put in it the former owner let it sit vacant for many years and this is just for starters. And like anything that sits with out care for many a year, it became very bad shape. I volunteered my services to the people whom are looking at bringing it back that if they ever do I would happy to run it for them. Which gets me to asking what is the word on the Joy Theatre in Mount Joy is there any contact info which anyone might have myself and another guy both of us in our late 20’s have been trying to get up a old movie theatre in central PA and this might just be thing for us.