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horrorbabe commented about Hillsborough Park Cinema on Feb 2, 2013 at 8:12 pm

well remembered carobbo78 i used to be the manager of willis right up to it shutting god it was a spooky place upstairs we often had encounters with the ghost that haunted it and he would often let us know he was there. upstairs we had our canteen and toilets and every morning and evening we had to go down a passage pass the balcony entrace to open a fire door at the bottom of some fire escape stairs really scary you always felt like someone was watching you but i was there for 5 years and could write a book on the experiences we had with alfrid the ghost a man dressed in a black suit wearing a large brimed black hat its been over 20 years since i worked there and im just writing to asda head office to see if i could get to go and have a look round upstairs again the asda management dont like going upstairs only go if they have to they say theres an uneeasy feeling and its not nice maybe its not as they took out the big set of stairs that were in the middle of the shop that went upstairs bet its rather cut off up there now still want to go and see what its like see if its changed or the balcony has rotted away that was still there when i worked there but all the seats had gone