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ibbrownnow commented about Mooney Drive-In to be demolished on Sep 8, 2006 at 9:12 am

History is something we hold on to and cherish. Our memories of family outings are things we would like to pass on from generation to generation. While progress helps keep our city beautiful, I would rather us invest in keep our historical sites around for generatons to enjoy.

This old theater is a place where we could take our kids to see a movie for an affordable price. As our children mature, they still enjoy piling into one or two of our classic cars and heading for the drive-in. That just made our family outing just a little more fun.

One day they will tell their kids of a time when you could sit under the stars and watch a movie on a big screen. They will wish they could share this experience with them. But, they will not be able to because the old theater was torn down and replaced with office buildings.

Progress is not always a good thing. Many will suffer so that the life of another can be made easier or more profitable.

ibbrownnow commented about Mooney Drive-In to be demolished on Sep 7, 2006 at 7:58 am

I am so sad to hear that a piece of Visalia history is coming to a close. My family and I have enjoyed many evenings at this great theater. Four years ago, I married a man from this area and moved up here. I still remember HYW 39 Drive-in which was the last of its kind in Orange County. I am glad my children have had the opportunity to experience what I enjoyed as a kid/teenager. I only wish my grandkids would have had the same opportunity.

Our Corvair Club will be there on Saturday to celebrate the long life and fond memories at the Mooney Drive-in. We will miss the evenings in our lawn chairs, peacocks running about, and good times we shared as a family watching movies at this great theater. Thanks for the wonderful family memories.

The Brown Family