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jaapie commented about Alhambra Theatre on Jun 14, 2007 at 2:32 am

Yes i recall the lovely Alhambra Theatre very well too,with its lovely Twinkling Ceiling as was said by (yuri) also the very plush Curtaining and the lovely works on the walls.
The seating was superb,with the Royal Balcony being the best seats in the House,i always tried to get seats in the Upper Circle which were very good too.
Then thre was the period that they used to have Midnight Shows there as well,and you had to go early to get a seat as the Midnight Shows proved to be so ver popular.
there was also one show i will never forget and that was when Jonny (Cryboy) Ray came there and i was not fortunate to get an inside Ticket,but thankfully they had Speakers on the outsides (the Streets were packed) and eventually Johnny Ray came out on the top Balcony and sang to us in the Street,anyone remember that night?? It was GREAT!!!

jaapie commented about Colosseum Theatre on Jun 14, 2007 at 2:21 am

I recall the Colosseum very well.
In the 1949 to 53 era we used to frequent it on a regular basis on Sat Mornings,for the Stage Competitions then the Serials such as the Crimson Ghost etc,then to a few Comedies and finally the Main Movie,Oh what a lovely day that was for all us young ones.
I myself remember the competition i went in for with the Wooden Horses racing them across the large stage floor with me winning first prize!! Oh what a buzz.
just before all this however we always sang a song with the Host and i will never forget it. Goes like this.

Horay Horaa!!
Wer'e at the Colosseum
We know where good pictures are
And here’s the place to see them
All we Lads and Lassise here
Have smiles upon our faces
Wer'e happier here with Uncle Tom
Than going other places.

Yes that Uncle Tom will never be forgotten i am sure bu all that used to go to the great Colosseum.

Now i am old and grey but still recall my heyday!!
Cheers Vernon