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jerimiahmulder commented about Palace Theatre on Sep 28, 2004 at 4:39 pm

In 1994, my father, Paul DeCrisanti and Bill Wildman, Jr. were the Vice President and President of a non-profit organization: the Palace Theater Foundation. We held an event called the “Arms Around the Palace” in which we opened up the Palace Theater to rally support for the Palace Theater’s proposed renovations.
Ten years ago, I was only 9, yet I had a large part in this group, making signs, flyers and anything else a child could manage to do, including painting both the outside of the palace and the marquee (which has remained as we painted it until just this last week), as well as cleaning the inside of the palace and toting my father’s massive video camera around on the day of the event to capture as much of the Palace Theater as possible.
This was the only time I’ve seen the Palace Theater open in my life and I’m overjoyed by the upcoming re-opening. I have recently been inside the Palace with my father and she is as beautiful as ever, even if we were able to pick out many changes from the many, many days we had spent in there a decade ago.
Every member on the Palace Foundation team was deeply in love with the beauty, grandeur and inherent serenity of the Palace Theater and were sorely disappointed when our organization was deemed too attached and inevitably lost the bidding war to restore her. Luckily, the renovators have maintained the classic beauty of the palace while making their changes.