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jimmyseabrook commented about Winthrop Theatre on Feb 28, 2009 at 5:40 am

I grew up around there. All of us local kids <10 years old used to go to that theatre to watch feature films, every Saturday. I did not realize how lucky I was to be able to do that at the time – a local theatre right down the street from our house. The theatre was on Putnam street. The building might still be there. Last time I checked, it was a bowling ally (at least in the 90’s anyway). If it is still there, it has certainly become a forgotten landmark as you can see in one of the more current pictures – too bad – another case of you never know what you got until it is gone.

I believe Bill Kincade bought that theatre in the late 70s. Obviuosly, he renamed it. We used to know it as the Winthrop theatre before then. I am not sure what happened to Mr Kincade and his wife. They seemed to be very decent folks – very consrvative by today’s standards. From my observation, they would never show a film that they wouldn’t want their own family watch.

Like everyone, I grew up and ventured out from Winthrop, predisposed by other things in life, not really thinking much about the theatre; but I do remember the last poster hanging in the “now showing” display case. It seemed to be there for a long time and was probably the last showing, ironically, The Big Chill.