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justjake commented about Southcenter Theatre on Jan 24, 2010 at 2:19 pm

Ben-Hur was reissued in 1970 & played several theaters in the Seattle area. I drove the vehicle that shuttled the 70mm Ben-Hur reels from the Cinerama, to Southcenter, then to Tacoma Mall. Only one 70mm print was being used and all the others were 35mm. The 70mm originally went to the Duwamish Drive-In?!?!?! (part of the United/Sterling/Danz chain) but was quickly swapped for the Cinerama’s 35mm print. Southcenter/Tacoma Mall never marketed “Cinerama” but Southcenter did show the same print of 2001 as the Cinerama showed; I’m the guy who went & picked it up & drove it to Southcenter. The word “Cinerama” was replaced with “70mm” at Southcenter./