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Favorite movies: In no particular order; othello,the sound of music,sayonara, gone w/the wind,a tree grows in brooklyn,all of bruce lee movies,the wizard of oz,titanic,the birds,valley of the dolls,to sir w/love,cooley high,super fly,the original manchurian candidate,on the water front,the godfather,rocky, barbarella,love story,the excorsist,all of elvis presley movies,capone,war of the worlds,roman holiday,willy wonker and the chockolate factory,black caeser,casablanca,key largo,snatch,a few good men,the matrix,miracle on 34th street,the lou gehrig story,brians song,jaws, la cage a folles,the lover,angel heart,fx,blazing saddles,which way is up,bonnie & clyde,blackboard jungle,glengarry glen ross,grumpy old men,heat,jason and the augonots,live and let die,equinox,duck soup,the devils advocate,flashdance,patton,full metal jacket,a soldiers story,the color purple,ed wood, chaplin, dances w/wolves,last of the mohicans, cotton comes to harlem,some like it hot,saturday night fever,the buddy holly story,hush hush sweet charlotte,la bamba,purple rain, the magic sword,the learning tree,sounder, primary colors,die hard,superman,the maltese falcon,the terminator,austin powers,macbeth,indiana jones series,clockwork orange,preditor,gladiator, original frankenstein,the great white hope,lady sings the blues,our man flint,a river runs through it,ben hur,war games,the hunt for red october,silence of the lambs,jeremy,the blues bothers,dial m for murder, gypsy,rudy,finding nemo,bugsy,johnnycool,outbreak, m'ame,gentlemen prefer blonds,the pianist, the green mile,schindler's list. sorry, I could'nt stop myself, these are but a few of my favorite movies

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