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KenR commented about Please Open - A short documentary on The Crystal Palace Theatre in Auckland, New Zealand on Sep 1, 2017 at 1:32 am

Very nicely put together, slick, to the point, filled with memories and brief but interesting shots of the projection equipment. Most enjoyable journey into a past age.

KenR commented about Prince Edward Theatre on Sep 1, 2012 at 1:23 am

Johngleeson writes about a huge VistaVision Screen being installed into the Prince Edward. My understanding was that all films shot in ‘true VistaVision’ were screened in Australia on 35mm reduction prints with a 1.85 ratio ~ Indeed, the prints we screened in G.U.O. Theatres were all 35mm thick frame line reduction copies. At times, we would get the prints that were screened at The Edward and all were 35mm 1.85 W/S. Nor at any time did I see any ‘true VistaVision’ prints at Paramount Dispatch. Is this a miss-understanding by the comment poster? or for a short time, did The Edward (or any other Australian Theatre ever screen true V/V..?? (maybe a correction needed with this)

KenR commented about Prince Edward Theatre on Aug 31, 2012 at 7:41 am

While cleaning up today, found an old Theatre Ticket. It was for the final screening at the Prince Edward Thr in Syd, dated Sat 4th December (1965). The film that brought down the final curtain was the disappointing Paramount release of “War and Peace” ~ Great IB Technicolor and Cast, but a rather poor international co-production indeed. I see someone else (Bill C) has posted that it was “Beckett” (a better film to be sure) but, I and a lady friend were there, and it was sadly, “War and Peace” that ended this great Dream Palaces days (perhaps they may have screened several titles over different sessions on that day ~ maybe someone can clarify, and ease the confusion….?)

After the feature there were cheers and tears as a special Thr Tag was screened ~ “Thanking patrons for their years of support” ~ at the same time Streamers (and also Balloons I recall) were dropped from the ceiling.

A sad night for the Grand Days of Cinema. Pity about ‘War and Peace’ ~ maybe the sound vers of “Ten Commandments” could have been a better contender…considering it was the Silent vers that opened this fine Thr 41 yrs earlier,on the 5th of December 1924. But, even so, was good to share in the memory! K…………..