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KernAveEastLA commented about Golden Gate Theatre on Dec 7, 2004 at 8:48 pm

I was born in E.L.A. in 1956, my parents lived on Record & Whittier at that time. The first movie I really remember going to see without my parents was The Nutty Professor starring Jerry Lewis at The Boulevard I went with my older brother.For a kid use to watching movies on a small B&W TV at home, seeing all those colors on that big screen blew me away! I also remember a time at The Golden Gate Theater I believe it was after a Frakenstein movie all the horror movie characters started to line up on stage in front of the screen. The Mummy,Frankenstein,The Werewolf etc. there must have been about 20 of them,with Frakenstein in the center.There was a pause and then an explosion like a cherry bomb.just then all the creatures started off the stage and up the aisles towards the audience. All the yelling,screaming and kids jumping over seats trying to get out is something i’ll never forget,it was a great time. I lived on Kern Ave. in the early 60’s . I remember my dad coming home from work at U.S. Rubber which became Uniroyal and now The Citidal.He put in about twenty five years there until they moved out of state.Looking out the front window on Kern Ave. you could look across that big parking that went from Kern Ave. to Ferris Ave. just past Johnson’s Market I had a lot of playing time in that parking lot. Does anyone remember that cheerful old guy that sold peanuts on the Boulevard, he wore an apron & a torn up straw hat with a mexican dollar bill taped to the front. I seen him mostly in front of Buster Brown’s. What good memories.I met my first and only girlfriend at Griffith Jr. H.S. in ‘71 she’s now my wife. What more can you ask for.Thanks to elopez & born in East L.A. you guys really got me thinking so I had to put my 2 cents in. I agree that The Golden Gate Theater should be saved, East L.A. was a great place to grow up and can still be. Saving & restoring The Golden Gate Theater would be a great start. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.