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KevinV commented about Uptown Theatre on Dec 15, 2004 at 6:27 pm

The Uptown is on its way back. Without a doubt this theater’s striking facade and wonderfully intricate interior make it stand out as one of the most innovativley designed theater structures of its period. One of its most interesting features is that it was originally built with 4 floors of commercial office space above the theater portion of the structure. As for the neighborhood, North Philadelphia is experiencing a renaissance spearheaded in part by Temple and the city’s determination to rehabilitate the northern portion of Broad Street. The UEDC will have a photo of the theater placed on this site in the near future.

Historically the theater captures the evolution of North Philadelphia from a predominently Jewish neighborhood to an African American neighborhood. Both groups can regale one with stories about this magnificent building. Truly a national treasure. ethnicities es codh hiaqpt
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