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kristinramsden commented about Tantamount Theater on Jun 17, 2010 at 8:11 am

I’m thrilled to read these memories and experiences of the Tantamount!
I used to work there from 1970-72, during my last two years of High School (York) as the ticket taker and coffee server during the intermissions. Ralph and Francois were magical men to me, and I so admired what they had done in their lives.
Of the two of them, Ralph was the weaver, and became my first weaving teacher. Since our birthdays fell on the same day in August, Francois gave me all Ralph’s weaving equipment when he died, which I sadly have had to pass o to people more active with textiles than I could be. But I was so grateful to him, nevertheless!
Does anyone know where they were in Maine, after they left the NY Theatre scene and went to Maine to live self-sufficiently off the land? During the long winters here they carved and created their puppets, then drove across country giving puppet shows, before they discovered Carmel Valley and the land on which they built the Tantamount. What a loss to the community, when it burned down!
I remember them both, and the Tantamount, with great fondness!