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KudzuFamHistory commented about Pageland Theatre on Dec 3, 2010 at 10:00 am

The “Ball Theater” was located at 125 W. McGregor Street, Pageland, SC. Mr. V.L. Mungo owned and operated the Ball Theatre until it burned down in the fifties. Mr. Mungo, was famous for his baseball career (Brooklyn Dodgers, 1931 to 1941), hence the name “Ball”, and the 1969 novelty song “Van Lingle Mungo” by David Frishberg. The theater provided balcony seating for the African American population; this was an innovation since the other small movie theatre in town was segregated. The Ball Theater is currently being restored, hopefully to open in the near future! (Info – contact Pageland Chamber of Commerce)

The “Pageland Theater” was located on E. McGregor Street, Pageland, SC. It ran movies into the 1960’s, and was later transformed into a performance theater named The Sandhill Opry. A notable performer at The Sandhill Opry was a young Randy Travis. An undated picture of the theater can be seen on Pageland “Facebook” site.
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