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lamostad commented about Medford Square 1-2-3 on Jun 22, 2009 at 5:17 pm

To answer Debbie the Candy Girl. I remember you as a young one at the theater as well as your Mom Nancy and I think a Paul. “Bob” had told me of your grandfathers passing shortly after it happened. Sad to report that my grandfather, “Bob” the projectionist passed away on June 8th, 2002 due to a stroke caused by diabetes. After Medford closed he spent his time helping my uncle with his water bed business and worked part time over at the X rated theater in Chelsea. “Dirty Old Man”. Moved up to Leominster, MA in 1998 and remained his old crazy self until he went into a coma 4 days after the stroke. He loved the Medford Cinema and was heart broken when Frank decided to close up shop. Has Frank Andre left us as well, I do recall they were all around the same age. I too have great memories of John. He always had me running across the street to Papa Ginos for coffee, or that little market also across the street for ham & cheese after the Saturday matinee AND even the cleaners to pick up his short-sleeved white shirts. ALWAYS wore those. He was also afraid of bats. I remember I had just finished cleaning Cinema 2 and he yelled up to me to get to the lobby fast. He closed the Cinema 1 and candy counter doors then ran in the office and waited until I shooed the bat out the front doors. Will share more stories if anyone wishes to read them. Steve.

lamostad commented about Medford Square 1-2-3 on May 26, 2008 at 5:32 pm

My grandfather was the projectionist there for many years I believe from the early late 60’s early 70’s until it closed in the 80’s. I also worked there for several years as usher and assistant projectionist. In regards to the first comment on the layout of teh interior. Once you entered the glass doors in front large florr to ceiling mirrors were on both the right and left sides about 12 feet in. The small box office was located on the right with a pedestal style white ticket box in the center. To the left of the ticket box was the snmall storage room for mops, buckets, ushers jackets & flashlights. The water fountain as well as the entrance to the long narrow box office was also located here. The pay phone also located there could not be used when someone called in to hear the list of movies playing. Why I never knew. Anyway, just passed the ticket box on the left was the concession stand, Soda fountain on the far left, then the glass candy display and to the right was a small freezer for that disturbing “ice cream” that when melted could be picked up off the floor like cooled melted wax. Yes, many nights cleaning the theater as well. The popcorn machine (which only heated the popcorn) was behind the candy display on a built in counter top area with storage underneath. The candy storage room was located to the right of the freezer. Additional ice cream was stored in a bigger freezer located beneath the stage of Cinema 1. Back to the tour: About 20 feet away from the ticket box was the entrance to Cinema 1 mostly done in a dark baby powder blue with gray floors. The two theater boxes on either side of the stage were not used to view movies but we did use the left one for the recreation of the Lincoln assination during the run of Sun Films “The Lincoln Conspiracy”. My grandfather also constructed that. Back to the lobby, taking a right at the ticket box walk up the steps, (about 25) to the left and 3 more steps up was the glass doors leading to Cinema 2. View a few ½ wall mirrors and poor looking plastic plants and up 5 more steps enter Cinema 2 with black walls an oak stained floor and large red curtains hiding the movie screen. Taking a right at the top of the steps go up 2 steps, Mens room on the right, through the sold red doors, small ladies room on the right. Up 10-12 steps and enter Cinema 3, the former balcony of Cinema 1. This was done up with red & white cloth in stripes reminded us of the former Grossmans only in red. the projection booth for Cinema 1 was below the Cinema 3 screen. The back wall of Cinema 3 was the projection booth. If anyone is interested in further details of the booths & ballroom I will be more than happy to post. I came across this site just the other day and wish I had found it sooner.