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LindaEllis commented about State Theatre on Feb 2, 2016 at 10:15 pm

I am quite thrilled to read more about the history of the State Theatre and see the photos of the inside of it. That is because I believe that my father, Harry Limes, helped build it! He was a lather who lived in the Lorain area in 1927 (he was born in 1904) and in my notes of his discussions with me about his lathing work, I have these statements:

“And, he had a big job in Springfield, Ohio, and he offered me $2.00 an hour over the scale if I’d go over there and help him do this big theatre. It was round domed ceiling, it was quite fancy, and I learned a lot. I worked all through this theatre. This was all done during 1927.”

He also worked on the Palace Theatre in Lorain, Ohio, which also has a large chandelier in the center of the theatre’s ceiling with a beautiful round plaster motif surrounding it. So, I am thrilled to learn the name of the theatre!