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maxchance commented about Cinema West on Jun 29, 2010 at 7:26 pm

Some of my best moviegoing memories were in the Cinema West, including my first date (“Goonies,” so I was just a pup!), and yes I was there for the ‘90 debut of Dick Tracy… SO many memories… too many to list. I can affirm it was a single screen theater.
All the great old theaters in Lubbock are gone… The Fox Theater (where I saw “Empire Strikes Back,” “E.T.” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” for the first time), and the Winchester Twin on 50th and Slide (where “Return of the Jedi” debuted in '83) are long gone. (Winchester was the twin-screen facility.) The Fox got gobbled by the Marsha Sharp right down from the Cinema West, the Winchester by an expanding grocery store. (ouch!) Didn’t the Winchester “weather” a pretty big tornado once upon a time?!?!
Anybody remember the Backstage Theater? Little tiny thing behind the Copper Caboose? That’s where I saw “Star Wars” for the first time, in 2/1979, on my 6th birthday. That theater barely made it out of the 70’s…
(Ulp!) A moment for all the great old theaters in Lubbock!!