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meezer3 commented about Holiday Star Theater on Sep 3, 2013 at 6:56 am

Spent 50 years of my life living in Park Forest, from 1952-2002. This theatre is connected with many, many things in my life. It was the place to go on the weekends, when for 75 cents I could go and watch what are now classic movies. In my youth, in the 1950’s, I spent many a Saturday afternoon watching two hours of cartoons for 25 cents, non-stop, with a whole theatre of other noisy kids. At Intermission the Yo-Yo man would come on the stage and perform great tricks. Of course after the show I would absolutely have to have a Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo. Saw Goldfinger at this show too. Had to stand in line in order to get a ticket to get in. The show was filled, and the ushers would come with their flashlights and look for vacant seats for the late comers. The Balcony was perfect if you smoked, but you had to be over 18 to sit there or be with your parents. And the cry room was a perfect place for parents if they couldn’t get a baby sitter. Yes, life was good in “Camelot” in the 50’s-60’s. I was one of the lucky ones to have lived there from the beginning…