Photos favorited by Michael R. Rambo Jr.

  • <p>June 1979.</p>
  • <p>December 16th, 1988</p>
  • <p>March 7th, 1973 grand opening ad ?</p>
  • <p>April 13th, 1989 grand opening ad</p>
  • <p>Copyright: The Irvin R. Glazer Collection, Athenaeum of Philadelphia and used by Friends of the Boyd, Inc. with their permission. All fixtures are currently elsewhere.</p>
  • <ol>
              <li>Copyright: Michael Wakely. Fixtures are currently off site. The concession stand, and above it the central chandelier are not original 1928 features.</li>
  • <p>June 26th, 1963 grand opening ad</p>
  • <p>March 24th, 1989 opening as a 7-plex cinema</p>
  • <p>by Morton Bond photographs.
              Copyright Friends of the Boyd, Inc.</p>
  • <p>photography: Robert B. Grubb
              copyright: Friends of the Boyd, Inc. 2013</p>
  • <p>Photo courtesy of David Marcel.</p>
  • <p>Photo taken 5/3/09</p>
  • <p>September 24th, 1964 grand opening ad</p>
  • <p>3-7-11 photo by Howard B. Haas of Philadelphia, (volunteer) President,</p>
  • <p>1994 by David Marcel.</p>
  • <p>Screen capture from film “Miracle on the Delaware” Film is now in the public domain.</p>