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MooreLakeBeachGirl commented about 100 Twin Drive-In on Aug 31, 2013 at 11:51 am

I grew up on West Moore Lake Drive. EVERYONE went to the 100 Twin. My Mom took us to “Mary Poppins” when we were very young. We watched countless Elvis Presley movies as well! It was common to bring your own popcorn in a large grocery bag.
The 100 Twin had great fireworks on the 4th of July. My Dad would get out the ladder and we’d climb up on the roof and watch.
On Summer nights you could easily view the movies while driving on the freeway (694.) The screens (positioned back to back) were jumbo large. Both sides (east and west) had concession stands with small playgrounds. It was great.
In High School it was common to sneak in your pals (under a blanket or tucked away in the trunk.) The 100 Twin was the best! I’m pretty sure it was still open beyond 1979 (when I graduated.) I wish the Drive In was still there. In hindsight, it was a moment of American innocence, a time when life wasn’t so expensive.
I can still remember driving into the theatre like it was yesterday. “Turn your headlights off!” the entrance signs encouraged, as we waited behind scores of cars on the dusty gravel road.