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mthom commented about Saginaw 12 on Feb 19, 2005 at 9:38 am

I would think that its common knowledge that a movie like “Hide and Seek” would attract a certain crowd, one that likes to talk and leave their cell phones on. This is an even bigger problem on the weekends when the theater is alot busier. This isnt just a problem at Saginaw 8, any theater that does alot of business (like Saginaw 8 does) faces this problem. A good hint is to maybe go during the week, if you go during the day you probably have a good chance of getting the theater all to yourself. Saginaw 8 is a nice little theater, a little rough around the edges, but its clean and has a “homey” sort of feel to it. The seating is comfortable, the popcorn is always good, the staff is friendly and its projection quality is miles ahead of its competitor down the road-GKC.