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PatrickKane commented about Venetian Theatre on Sep 23, 2004 at 9:24 pm

I am brand new to this site but I love and respect the old theaters. Kind of a strange little side note,I am new to the San Jose, Ca. area and found a little neighborhood italian restaurant near the Winchester house museum called Angelino’s. As I’m walking up to the door I hear organ music and see huge organ pipes in the front window! Very strange mind you this is a little hole in the wall restaurant(with great food!!!)and I come in the front door and there is this huge old pipe organ and this guy is playing everything from broadway to contemporary hits. Bottom line as he went on a break I ask him about the organ,how old it was etc. and he says it was built in 1927 and this restaurant bought it and shipped it from THIS theater in Racine in 1972!! Very cool little bit of this theater that still exists and still is played nightly.