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pdeyo commented about Glen Theater on Apr 1, 2005 at 4:32 pm

The Ridge and the Glen were separate theatres in Gary(Glen Park)
on the intersection of Ridge Road & Broadway. There was a Walgreen drug store right on the corner and the Glen was next to the drug store on Broadway and the Ridge was behind the drug store, across an alley and faced on Ridge Road. As kids, we always thought it was “neat” to be able to see 2 completely different shows every week.
We rode the Burr St. bus to town and usually spent the day. The Ridge had a very fancy front which looked like cream colored tile of some sort and the Glen was pretty much all wood, except for the ticket booth. I remember getting popcorn and cold cokes from a small concession stand just inside the doors at the Glen and sitting through the movies a couple of times. When they got to the cartoon or the newsreels again, we left and went to see what was at the Ridge. These were WW2 days, so there was always plenty to see on the newsreels. I remember seeing almost all of the “Frankenstein” and “Mummy” movies here in these 2 theatres, along with Abbott & Costello and others of that era. I was only in my pre-teens at that time so it’s a little difficult to remember what either of these buildings looked like inside. All I know is that they provided many hours of entertainment for very little money.

pdeyo commented about Capitol Theatre on Feb 20, 2005 at 6:30 pm

As a kid living on the southside(69th & Ashland)during the war years until 1953, I went to the Capitol many times, and also the Cosmo across the street. I went to many of the GREAT shows all over the southside, Southtown, Empress, Stratford, Highland, Jeffrey and dozens of others. My Dad & Mom both worked national defense jobs and we always had a buck or two for me to go to the show. Movies were one of the things that kept coming, no matter what. The Capitol had a restaurant next door, called the Capitol restaurant and I worked for a guy that owned some donut and ice cream shops around the city and we made all of his ice cream in the Capitol restaurant. After working(???) we would walk down to the corner(80th Street) and have a “Wimpys” hamburger. Does any one remember these things?