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pstapel commented about Art Theatre Photos on Aug 23, 2004 at 11:35 am

Sorry that I have not been able to participate in the above conversations previously, but I am happy to report that the SABC (Southbridge Arts and Business Community), a group formed in early April to deal with finding a way to build or re-build another Independent Film Theater for Broome CVounty is diligently working to accomplish that major goal.
Meanwhile, we are showing distributor-provided DVD’s at a very adequate temporary spot where there is a sophisticated projection and surround sound system.. we show on weekendsm, just having adde in Friday evneings as well as Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
The temporary theater is called Art Theater Pro Tem and is managed by Jerry Silvanic, a veeteran int he business as is WIll Dode and just HS graduated Mike Mindemann — they are the main stay volunteers and they scheudle the rest of us to heklp as needed.
Our website is organized by Mary Jo Kelleher,m our computer whiz/web vp!
John Stracuzzi is the President and I serve as communication VP. Our mailing list email address is Members of Southbridge Arts & Business Community <> and our snail mail address is SABC/ATPT POB 696 Binghamton , NY 13902-0696
We show indie films on Fridays at 8, Sat and Sun at 4:30 and 7. Showing this weekend are — afternoons – “Manchurian Candidate” ( the original) and “Goodbye Lenin” evenings.
Our next SABC meeting is Wed August 25 at ^:30 PM at the La Tazza Cafe on 39 S. Washington St, binghamton 607 723 6990. Our schedule information line is 607 773 8132. I can be reached at 607 773 1495. I look forward to learning all I can from our conenction with this group!

Paul Stapel VP communications