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rlucas commented about Varsity Center for the Arts on Nov 20, 2004 at 7:04 am

The “committee of local citizens” IS meeting and has been for more than a year. Unfortunately, in spite of this few big issues have been resolved. Kerasotes still owns the property and has expressed little interest in donating it to the community. The city and established local arts groups have taken a “hands-off” approach to the theater. Purchase and restoration of the property could be prohibitively expensive — depending on which restoration model the community follows. On the bright side, the local citizen’s group has found a number of local partners, some of whom will a) inhabit and produce content for the building after it is renovated and other who are b) assisting with technical expertise in producing a workable plan. There is still hope for the theater, but hope doesn’t keep mold from growing or stop the current owners from selling off theater assets (like the projection equipment).