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  • <p>The auditorium of the New Victoria Theatre, photographed in 1930.</p>
  • <p>Auditorium</p>
  • <p>View from Circle…</p>
  • <p>View from Stalls</p>
  • <p>from a 1981 slide</p>
  • <p>from a 1981 slide</p>
  • <p>Auditorium</p>
  • <p>Auditorium from the stage</p>
  • <p>An early picture</p>
  • <p>Teatro Grand Splendid ceiling and the top of the proscenium.</p>
  • <p>Canon 70D and a fish-eye lends. via kings facebook page.</p>
  • <p>This is a vintage theater reel to reel sound recording from Alliance Drive In Theater Recording Service. This was sent to the Charles City Drive In Theater located in Charles City Iowa. It was used before the movie starts and intermissions.</p>
  • <p>Picture from Jan Madeley’s Collection..   Showing Wilfred Gregory playin at the very first Wurlitzer Cinema organ to be installed in the United Kingdom.</p>
  • <p><A HREF="">After the Final Curtain</A><br></p>
  • <p>Here is a wide angle shot that shows better, sharper detail of the (John Eberson design) atmospheric auditorium.  Looks as if this photograph was snapped in later years as some sidewall foliage has been removed, and stage curtains look so plain.
              Ritz Theatre, 18 W. 4th St., Tulsa, OK.</p>