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robians commented about Fox Theatre on Jan 4, 2005 at 5:17 pm

I came across this site quite by accident while listening to various archives on the web of Pipedreams but my visits to the “Fabulous Fox” (San Francisco) were more than just accidents during the late 40’s and up to its last days when it was just a skeletal shell of its former self. When in grammar school in the late 40’s early 50’s my best friend and I would cut school to see if we could get into a matinee at the Fox. These visits were not so much to watch the movie as they were to explore wherever we could in the labyrinth of hallways, balconies, unlocked doorways, etc. After grammar school it was a number of years before I returned. While in college I recall hearing Jim Gabbert on KPEN fm start his crusade to “Save the Fox” and his sponsorship of a number of midnight George Wright concerts on the Fox' “Mighty Wurlitzer.” I think I was the first in line to insure a front row seat at everyone of the concerts including the last…and vividly recall Jim’s last live broadcast from the stage of the Fox on the night just before the wrecking ball was put in place. If I recall Tiny James and Everett Nourse played the last notes that echoed through the now empty Fox on that last night illuminated by just one bare light bulb! Several days later when all the interior fixtures, chairs, cherubs, etc. had been dismantled I returned, wandering almost aimlessly through the barren orchestra section, now devoid of any seats, wishing this cash poor college kid could buy at least something but everything was well above my budget! However, I did manage to sneek out with two plastered and gold-leaf gilded flowers from one of the ornate columns. That piece still reminds me of the “Fablous Fox” to this day! My other reminders include the 33 rpm record, “Farewell to the Fox” (Vol one of a two vol set) featuring Tiny James and Everell Nourse and Kaufmann’s book which I purchased in mint condition from a Castro St. used bookstore about 15-20 years ago for the “outrageous” price of $40! After that last visit, I came back one more time to watch the wrecking ball take its first swing into the side of that once beautiful building with a tear or two shed onto that lifeless pavement.