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rshipley1941 commented about Wilshire Theatre on Nov 24, 2011 at 1:36 pm

BAck one more time… From 1956 to 1958, I worked at Knotts Berry Farm and Disneyland. Still went to the Wilshire Theater as often as I could. Even got to sit in thne Balconý once or twice. Remember they were on both side — upper and lower balcony — which was not real good at seeing the movie at an angle unless you sat towards the back of them. ALSO, there was a “private” screen room just off the ‘projection room’ where we could sit and watch the movie in more privacy. This was only when we worked as ushers, were off duty, before changing the Marqueee, on those 3 nights. August 1958, at 17 years of age, I joined the Navy, and went off to ‘see the world’. Sadly, I never returned to see a movie at The Wilshire again. Some wonderful memories though…for an ‘old man’ of 70. Thank you ronnie

rshipley1941 commented about Wilshire Theatre on Nov 24, 2011 at 1:23 pm

Remembering my youth! First time remembering my attending the Wilshire Theater I was 8 years old. We’d just moved back to Fullerton, from Abbeville, Louisiana. The ticket price(s): $.14 = under 13; the price then ‘skyrocketed’ to $.50 until turning 18. And WOW, adults paid a whopping $.50!!! At 14, I went to work – with Kenny Blair – as an usher. Kenny and myself chagned the Marquee 3 times a week; Sunday – Tuesday, English, Wednesday was Spanish movie night, Thursday – Saturday back to English. (Our movies – usually the same ones – the “IT” theater, The Fox, were 6 months behind, because they recieved the ‘first run’ movies.) From 8 years of age my memories of the “search-light” shining out in front of The Fox are still, at 70 years of age, very very vivid. We could see them from my house which was 2 miles away… My best memory tells me that The Fox cost $.50! (maybe someone can verify/correct this) Only went one time and it still is so real. Plush “red"carpets, upstairs balconey (cost extra), expensive [for me] popcorn and coke. AND, I kissed my first girl there – as a Freshman – at Fullerton Union High School. [Back to The Wilshire]. At 8, Saturday matinee we had; 2 full movies, 3 cartoon’s, 1 ‘weekly’ Flash Gordon or ??? Cereal, and usually a Fox or Universal News highlights. Yep! All that for 14 cents. Our Mom gave my each brother and myself 25 cents which got us a movie ticket, and 2 out of three; popcorn, candy bar or soda, for just 10 cents! That left us one penny – which our Mom wanted back :)… All of this happened during the time period: 1949 – 1956… in Fullerton, California!